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Rabbi Spero in Lifezette: Why This Jewish Rabbi Is Proud to Be an American Nationalist

But Europe is showing us regularly that a disdain for nationalism is resulting in a steady surrender of culture and identity, and an appeasement of worrisome nation-changing forces crossing into its borders and bringing shariah. It is not “white supremacism” when people with self-respect display love and admiration for their background and history, are proud of it, and wish to defend and preserve it. It is normal and healthy.

The opposite is rootlessness. Nor are sincere calls for the maintenance of Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian ethos “code words for racism.”

Demonizing nationalism allows liberals to impugn the motives and integrity of those who love our historic American ways. Some wish to destroy those ways and that history; others are afraid of it. Those always claiming tolerance for other cultures seem intolerant of historic American culture and, lately, white people as white people.

It is not American nationalism that warrants our alarm; rather, it’s the trans-nationalism of those whose goal is the forced removal from us of those things that made us who we are and that constitute our grand historic identity.


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