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We invite you to sign this petition calling for an outpouring of support for our men and women in blue!

To:  President Donald J. Trump, Governors and Mayors, Congress, State Legislators, and City Councils

We, the undersigned, are grateful for the bravery and sacrifice of our men and women in blue.

We call for a nationwide outpouring of people of conscience to show support for our country’s police and first responders.

We are appalled, deeply saddened, and angered by the wanton destruction that rioters across the country have wrought in recent weeks.

We call on the American people to contact their local police and communicate their support, and to let their national and local representatives know that they are against defunding the police and against holding them up as a symbol of systemic racism.

We call on Americans of all backgrounds and ages to write letters to their local newspaper, post online, call in to radio shows, and share with their neighbors their support of their local police.

The police are there for us when we need them, and we need to be there for them when the need us.

We call on all Americans of goodwill: Do not be silent.


Please note the following information and statistics:



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