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Conference of Jewish Affairs is delighted to announce that The TOM NYHAN Scholarship Fund is accepting applications from students seeking to enhance their Orthodox Jewish education. All applicants must demonstrate their fealty to the American Constitution and the politically conservative ideals that founded America.

Scholarships will be awarded for this coming school year of 2022-2023 to six separate students: one grant of $20,000.00, one for $10,000.00, and four for $2,500.00 each. Students must be either upcoming seniors in high school or students entering or already attending college.

Details of the vetting process and final application requirements will be discussed with all applicants. Please send your name, email, phone number, and mailing address to Rabbi Aryeh Spero at with the subject: TOM NYHAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

All final applications must be received no later than April 20, 2022.

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