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TODAY, Sunday, April 11th 4pm Adrienne Skolnik will speak at a special Zoom meeting about “The New Jewish Exodus Project,” a Synagogue Of America home for Jews alienated by their leftwing temples and synagogues. See details below:

Adrienne Skolnik and Rabbi Aryeh Spero are responding to Jews who feel alienated from their congregations  due to political differences. If you have experienced this or know someone who has, please contact Adrienne at She would be grateful to hear from you.

Lauren Law is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting on Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 4:00 pm See details below.

Adrienne Skolnik will be the guest speaker at Chosen To Speak Up.   Her topic will be, “The New Jewish Exodus Project.”  Adrienne serves on the Conference of Jewish Affairs (CJA) National Advisory Committee and as Chairman of the North Carolina chapter.  CJA has great concern for the divisiveness occurring within the American Jewish community.  Rabbi Aryeh Spero, President of the CJA, and Adrienne started this new project documenting the bifurcation created by the progressive/left/Democratic Jewish perspective versus the conservative/Libertarian/Republican Jewish perspective. They believe the progressive/left viewpoints are not in the best interests of the Jewish community, will one day backfire, and eventually lead to increased antisemitism.

Many individuals have been writing to Adrienne from around the US expressing their concerns.  They are contemplating leaving or have already left their progressive/left synagogues because of the transformation of no politics to all social justice/identity politics expressed by the rabbis during sermons, in newsletters and social action committees. More importantly, the deaf ears they experienced when expressing their concerns and alienation to the rabbis and Boards of Directors. Many have also lost dear friends and family due to political differences.

Our New Jewish Exodus Project will be documenting this sad phenomenon from an historical perspective.  For those who wish to participate in this project, please write a paragraph or two explaining why you are thinking of leaving or have already left your synagogue; or have lost friends and family.  Also, include a link to one edition of the synagogue newsletter showing the social justice/identity politics subjects now included.  When we reference these items, we will not refer to any personal, institutional, organizational names or locations.

For this presentation deadline, please send your paragraphs and links to Adrienne by April 4th.   However, Adreinne looks forward to continuing correspondence after this presentation.

Please send your emails and links to Adrienne with the subject The New Jewish Exodus Project at: 

Let us know if you plan to attend this event and we will send you the Zoom link, and thank you for sending this invitation to your members and friends.                            


Adrienne Skolnik serves on the Conference of Jewish Affairs National Advisory Committee and as Chairman of the North Carolina chapter.  She is a retired commercial real estate broker and entrepreneur.  Ms. Skolnik is a concerned Jewish conservative and has articles published in American Thinker and The Forward online international magazines.  She has also been interviewed by Zev Brenner on Talkline Network Radio.

She is an active community leader.  While living in Florida she was Founder and President of the Gulf Coast Rowing Association, created a water safety program, developed high school and senior rowing programs.  Ms. Skolnik served on the National Advisory Board of the Adam Walsh Center for Missing Children which became part of the Justice Department and is now the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  She was Chairman of two fundraising events, “Celebration of Life, Row and Run for Breast Cancer.”  And was Vice-President of the Business Unit Group Society of the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

In North Carolina she participates in Cook for Vets helping prepare and serve meals for homeless veterans; and Room at the Inn cooking meals for homeless women.


To learn more about Synagogue of America, the New Jewish Exodus Project, or to be invited to our Discussion Forum on this topic, please write us at

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