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CJA Statement: Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Takes the Appropriate Measure

September 23, 2019 – Conference of Jewish Affairs spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero released the following statement today:

The Conference of Jewish Affairs applauds Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, and her department for questioning the use of federal funds at certain colleges that promote programs with “severe anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric”. One such incident happened recently at a joint Duke/University North Carolina event where a symposium on Gaza was laced with one-sided anti-Israel propaganda and followed by a rapper who performed a brazenly anti-Semitic song.

Under a federal grant from the National Resource Center, the Dept. of Education provides grants for language instruction. Secretary DeVos and her department have questioned “the lack of balance of perspective” in some of the programs using these federal funds. For example: programs developed by professors that focus a disproportionate amount of time and adoration on things Islamic with virtually no positive mention of things Jewish or Christian.

Professor Henry Reichman accused the Department of Education of interfering with academic matters, though he and his colleagues were extremely supportive of the micro-managing and agenda-pushing by the Obama administration while it was in charge of overseeing the use of federal funds, which resulted in much of the current pro-Islamic tilt and anti-Israel rhetoric that needs to be redressed.

Secretary DeVos’s inquiry as to what transpired at Duke joins a broader Department effort to root out anti-Semitism at U.S. universities as well as the chilling effect and bullying of Jewish students on campus due to the BDS movement. This form of harassment was overlooked during the Obama years despite calls by Jewish student groups looking to the federal government for rescue. In fact, Mrs. DeVos has looked into an incident at Rutgers Univ. in New Jersey where Jewish students were allegedly charged a higher fee for admission than other students for an activity on campus.

Conference of Jewish Affairs is delighted with Secretary DeVos’s fair and fresh approach to investigating matters where federal funds are involved and knows that she does so out of conviction and with the blessings of President Trump.

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Ilhan Omar Targeting Jewish Groups Targeting Pro-Israel Groups Violence against Jews

Conference of Jewish Affairs Spokesman Delivers Powerful Address at NYC “Name It to Fight It: It’s Anti-Semitism” Rally





September 23, 2019 –-  Conference of Jewish Affairs spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero addressed the “Name It to Fight It: It’s Anti-Semitism” rally at New York City Hall yesterday. Among his hard-hitting remarks he made the following points:


  1. “It’s not enough for Jews to expect others to fight for them. Even political office holders are temporary. WE have to fight for ourselves. We Jews need to carry an aura of self-respect, an aura of self-value that will let would-be perpetrators know that this time Jews will fight back.”


  1. “Where is the establishment Jewish leadership, bloated with staff and funds, while these attacks keep coming, escalating by the week and hurting a greater and larger segment of our people? Evidently, photo-ops, endless high-powered lunches, and bland statements ‘against hate and racism’ are not solving the problem. These are specific attacks against Jews as Jews.”


3. “Simply being the head of a well-heeled organization may not constitute real leadership. Perhaps our top bureaucrats aren’t willing to face and pinpoint the real problem. The grassroots Jewish activists and people know what is happening, can’t be fooled, and are energized to do what the establishment is unwilling to do.”


  1. “We have heard the attackers shout ‘Allahu Akhbar’; we have seen the videos of young black men doing the attacks, young Hispanic men as well. These are the facts, and they can’t be denied nor silenced by calling those pointing these things out as ‘racists’.  To remedy a problem and a sickness, one has to be honest and name it.”


  1. “It’s time that black leaders, Hispanic and Muslim leaders acknowledged the problem within parts of their community, condemn it, and resolve to stop those within their communities who are teaching this anti-Semitism. Not simply teach against “hate” in general, but specifically against anti-Semitism. We Jews were there for minorities, for decades, now they must be equally eager to help us by rooting out this anti-Semitism in their communities.”


6.. “We have talked to people high-up in NYC and elsewhere and they claim that all anti-Semitism  is coming from the right and, by extension, Donald Trump. That is absolutely false. These attacks in Brooklyn are not coming from Trump supporters, they are not coming from Evangelical Christians, nor political conservatives. They are coming from members of groups associated and tied to Left coalitions.”


  1. “Jews are the first to protest with rallies and provide funds for initiatives when minorities are discriminated against. They invoke how this is a ‘stain on the entire society’. They call this our Jewish values. Where are they now that this is happening against fellow Jews? I don’t see the passion, the crowds, the sense of guilt, the funding, the zeal. Liberal Jews need to remember that a core Jewish value is Jewish life, Jewish survival, Jewish security, and Jewish equality to walk through the streets safely.”


  1. “We see the liberal Jewish community speak of the anti-Semitic acts coming from the Right, but, beyond lip service, they seem hardly aware, frightened, or angered by the overwhelming anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism coming from powerful Left wing consortiums. No doubt, they are allowing politics to cloud their fight against anti-Semitism. Many are also naive, dangerously naive about the new Left.”


  1. “There are about 35 Jewish members in Congress. Where are they to speak out against the leftwing anti-Semitism in their midst and condemn attacks on Jews from minorities and the leftwing? Where are Chuck Schumer, Eliot Engle, and Nita Lowey regarding Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez as well as what is happening in their home state of New York? Why does Eliot Engle allow Omar to keep serving on his committee? They seem to be choosing their loyalty to the Democrat party, liberalism, and even their careers over the need of the hour regarding Jewish safety. Steve Cohen (Tennessee), Jan Schakowsky (Chicago,) Adam Schiff in Los Angeles, Steve Yarmoth (Kentucky), who are all so quick to call President Trump a racist or anti-Semite, have not condemned Omar, Tlaib, or Ocasio-Cortez, real anti-Semites.”
Photo Credit: Zhanna Averbukh
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Rabbi Spero to address Rally Against Anti-Semitism, Sunday 9/22, 12 noon, City Hall Park, New York City


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Holocaust Memorial Center Rally, August 20, 2019: Excerpts from Speeches by Rabbi Spero and Holocaust Families

ADL Anti-Israel Hate Tlaib

Anti-Defamation League is Once Again Failing the Jewish People: Endorses Event in Dearborn, Michigan Hosted by Extremist Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib



August 29, 2019 — This past weekend brought another series of dangerous assaults against Jews in Brooklyn, first in Crown Heights and later in Williamsburg. The attacks came on the heels of an already accelerated pace of violent attacks targeting Jews in the New York City area. Police reports indicate that anti-Semitic assaults are up 55% this year, which is atop an already increased rate from the previous years.

All evidence indicates that the bulk of the New York City attacks are coming from members of the Black, Hispanic, and Muslim community. Perhaps that is why the national ADL, under the new leadership of Jonathan Greenblatt, has been relatively silent in identifying and bringing to light these individuals, in contrast to its vociferous and specific condemnation when the perpetrators are labeled by the ADL “right-wing” or “white” individuals. Further, there have been attacks recently against rabbis and others in Berlin, severe physical attacks, by those speaking Arabic or those chanting Allahu Akhbar.

We understand that condemning perpetrators from minority groups that have expressed hostility to Jews is an uncomfortable endeavor for the ADL given its on-going political alliance with many of the leaders of these groups. Acknowledgment of anti-Semitism within these groups runs counter to the ADL template. Nevertheless, the national ADL must be honest and fair by equally spotlighting and condemning perpetrators no matter what their background.

Public condemnation is a vital mechanism in focusing leaders of groups on ostracizing violent members and denouncing bigoted attitudes within their respective community. Ignoring realities and not holding people accountable allows the prejudice to remain. Having a lower level regional ADL office express alarm or focus simply on hate and intolerance is woefully inadequate, especially now that anti-Semitism coming from prominent segments of those groups has reached a tipping point.

Now, the ADL has endorsed an August 29, 2019 event “against hate” (see flyer below) at the University of Michigan, Dearborn, knowing full well that many of the participants – including Rashida Tlaib — and groups are notoriously anti-Israel and have expressed anti-Jewish feelings. The ADL was willing to partner with these groups in behalf of what it considers a greater concern, namely condemning what it labels hateful to Islamic groups.

Conference of Jewish Affairs believes that the purpose of the ADL, with its budget of over $65 million*, should be, as was its historic mission, to prioritize the safety and security of Jews. Indeed, many groups the ADL calls minorities are no longer minorities in relation to a shrinking Jewish community, which now, population-wise, is far smaller than those groups. Fighting general bigotry and intolerance is very worthwhile, but cannot supersede what should be the ADL’s foremost mission of defending Jews, no matter who their attackers.

*according to ADL’s 2016 filings
Anti-Semitism Detention Centers Detroit Holocaust Memorial Center Holocaust Holocaust Exploiters Nazis

Conference of Jewish Affairs: Time to Resist the Holocaust Expoliters at

WATCH VIDEO: Conference of Jewish Affairs and Detroit Holocaust Families at Detroit’s Holocaust Memorial Center



Conference of Jewish Affairs spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero made the following statement in response to hard leftwing groups, in conjunction with, holding a “Close the Concentration Camps” demonstration in front of the Detroit Holocaust Memorial Center. plans to hold such Holocaust-exploiting demonstrations across the country.


Rabbi Spero stated: “It is time for the Jewish community to condemn the obscenity of equating immigration detention centers at America’s southern border with concentration camps run by the Nazis during World War II, which tortured and murdered an entire race, the Jewish People. 


“By now, we know that it is no longer ignorance that prompts open-border militants who equate the two situations, rather a deliberate attempt to exploit the Holocaust for leftwing political purposes and, for others, to minimize, step-by-step, the horrendous uniqueness of the Holocaust specific to Jews.    It is no coincidence that many radicals invoking the Holocaust are themselves opponents of the Jewish State and are, themselves, unfriendly to Jewish concerns.  Their abuse of the Holocaust is an attempt to universalize it and strip it of its unique Jewish essence and tragedy.  It is a type of Holocaust denial.  For others it is a despicable attempt to label President Trump and his supporters as Nazis.


“America’s authorities and professionals protecting the borders of the United States try their utmost, and spend tens of millions of dollars, to make comfortable those in temporary detention centers.  In contrast, the Nazis used concentration camps to afflict brutal suffering on their unfortunate victims and spent money on ways to kill those within the camps.  The Nazis had as their goal the destruction and torturous extermination of an entire race, Jews.  They physically burned them.  We Americans, in contrast, are providing food, hygiene facilities, good doctors, sports areas, and other amenities to alleviate as much as possible the temporary discomfort of those awaiting immigration processing.  This distinction is obvious to everyone who is fair.  What we are witnessing in this so-called ‘resistance’ is a deliberate distortion of history for political gain.  It is contemptible.  They continually corrupt language in service to their own corrupt ideas and goals.


“Those who claim that this is the first step towards a plan by America to destroy the Hispanic race are liars,” continued Rabbi Spero.  “They are also bigots who, prior to our immigration crisis, maintained an a priori belief, and propagandized, that the majority of Americans are racists desiring to disenfranchise non-white people.  Normal people know that this assertion is a lie, and recognize this as a predisposed bigotry by those on the Left who look for situations to tag and label as ‘racist’.


“It is particularly unseemly for Jews, wishing to seem avant-garde and ‘current’, to continually use unique Jewish historic events or holidays primarily as a support and advocacy for their left-wing, ‘social justice’ war on society.  Furthermore, Hitler’s ultimate goal in the Holocaust was aimed primarily at Jews: not Jews as a minority, but Jews as Jews.  The Holocaust and the specific Nazi goal of destroying Jews as Jews should no longer be used as a wide net to cover any situation the Jewish Left opposes.   To do so is a distortion of Jewish history and an injustice to those who died and were murdered specifically, and only, because of being Jewish.”


Rabbi Spero added, “It is time to resist this phony ‘resistance.’  The need for protecting one’s citizens by securing the border is a practice used by all countries since the dawn of history.  It is not Nazi-like nor does it indicate a future desire to exterminate a race.  Governments who value their citizens have a noble duty to protect their citizens.


“If one is to speak about a current form of Nazism and an ideology of supremacism one need not look further than the imams and Muslim leaders calling for the destruction of the State of Israel, calling for the destruction of the largest Jewish community in the world, and calling for attacks on Jews who support the Jewish State, wherever they may be.  Those who advocate ‘resistance’ and those who speak in the name of Judaism should set their efforts on combatting those supremacists who have as their stated goal the destruction of Israel and most of the Jewish People.  That is the justifiable social justice call of the day.


“Therefore, we at the Conference of Jewish Affairs call upon all proud and sane Jews, who bear testimony to an accurate Jewish history, to join us in standing against the faux ‘resistance’ sponsored by, which insults Jewish history and hijacks our most tragic event as a way of promoting its anti-American and essentially anti-Jewish agenda.”


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CNS News — Rabbi Spero: Israel Is Right to Bar Omar and Tlaib, Choose Self-Defense Over Fear of Criticism

Listen to the Article!
Rabbi Aryeh Spero

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | August 21, 2019 |

Conference of Jewish Affairs agrees with the Israeli decision not to allow Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, vocal proponents of BDS, to enter Israel pretending they have no dangerous political mission, when in fact they do.  The Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel has evolved into a call for the dismantling of the Jewish stateand actively engages in the bullying and ostracism of Jewish students on American campuses.

It seems that both congresswomen curiously did not go with their fellow colleagues to visit Israel since they apparently did not want to abide by the courtesies and limitations and offer the respect required of a congressional delegation.  Reportedly, the two congresswomen were planning to visit the Al Aqsa mosque at the Temple Mount, which has too often been a volatile staging area used to inflame Muslim crowds and spark riots leading to injuries and even deaths. Israel could not risk that possibility, nor should it risk being blamed for fatal clashes.

Tlaib’s request to visit “Palestine”was already an indication she does not acknowledge the statehood of Israel, the very government to which travel requests were made. Israel has no obligation to grant courtesies to these outsiders who wish to undermine the very existence of the state of Israel.

Countries throughout the world do not allow into their territory outsiders they feel pose a grave danger to their country.  The Washington Post said that the trip was organized by an organization called MIFTAH.  In the past, MIFTAH allegedly accused Jewish people of using non-Jewish blood in the baking of Passover matzohs.   There is nothing more anti-Semitic than this blood libel, which over the centuries has caused the murder of tens of thousands of Jews. In addition, both Omar and Tlaib have publicly engaged in an unconscionable identification of Israel with Nazism, which most officials understand to be a de-legitimization of the state of Israel and a subtle way of calling for its removal as a sovereign state.

Israel’s well known humanitarian impulse permitted Tlaib to enter so as to visit a family member as long as she did not engage in any forms of anti-Israel political provocation.  Nonetheless, Tlaib refused the invitation.  As Israel’s Interior Minister and Minister of Development of the Periphercy, the Negev and the Galilee Aryeh Deri, who offered the invitation, observed: evidently “[Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s] hatred for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother.”  Many have commented that her refusal to not visit her grandmother reveals that the primary goal of her visit was always to besmirch Israel in the eyes of the world and to provoke the Muslim population.

Suggestions that Tlaib and Omar were barred because they are Muslim is absolutely phony inasmuch as Tlaib was indeed invited, and that Israel provides full citizenship and benefits to over a million Muslim inhabitants within the state itself.

The Prime Minister of Israel felt that their trip jeopardized the safety of Israeli citizens and would be used to propagandize for an eventual overturn of the Jewish state.  As with all western countries, including the United States, England, Germany, France, and Scandinavian countries, entry by outsiders is forbidden if deemed detrimental to that country and if the persons are themselves exceedingly offensive to civilized norms.  Both women have compared Israel and her Jewish supporters to Nazis, something incomparably odious and beyond acceptance by civilized people. A country’s obligation is first to its safety and not to the propaganda efforts of those hoping and planning turmoil and destruction.  Israel must first choose self-defense over fear of criticism, especially criticism by those officials and members of the media all too eager and ready to pounce on Israel at any moment.

Both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have chosen to protect the Democrat Party by not acknowledging Omar and Tlaib’s anti-Semitism and their association with those calling for Israel’s disappearance.  Acknowledgement of this reality would require them to censure the two and place limitations on their congressional assignments. Instead their statements are tantamount to blaming Trump and Israel, as if the two women are innocent swans treated unfairly by Israel. Tlaib and Omar are not human rights heroes, rather operatives intent on destroying a legitimate state and its people.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is president of Caucus for America, author of “Push Back: Reclaiming our American Judeo-Christian Spirit,” and spokesman for the National Conference on Jewish Affairs.

Jewish Affairs Journal


Conference of Jewish Affairs spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero has released the following statement: “Conference of Jewish Affairs agrees with the Israeli decision not to allow Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, vocal agitators for BDS, to enter Israel pretending they have no dangerous political mission, when in fact they do.

“Both congresswomen curiously and intentionally did not go with their fellow colleagues to visit Israel this week since they did not want to abide by the courtesies and limitations and offer the respect required of a congressional delegation.  It became apparent to the Israeli government that both individuals were laying nefarious plans to agitate, propagandize, and harm Israel in the eyes of the world.

“Tlaib’s request to visit ‘Palestine’ was already an indication she does not acknowledge the statehood of Israel, the very government to which travel requests were made.  Neither of the women are Israeli citizens, and thus Israel has no obligation to grant courtesies to these outsiders who wish to undermine the very existence of the State of Israel.”

Rabbi Spero continued, “Countries throughout the world do not allow into their territory outsiders they feel pose a grave danger to their country.  The association of these two women with MIFTAH, a Hamas-linked group calling for the destruction of the State of Israel, was a warning signal to the Israeli government, as was the unconscionable identification of Israel with Nazism alluded to by both women.

“Israel’s well known humanitarian impulse would permit Tlaib to enter if visiting family members if she had so requested; however, what Tlaib and Omar were planning was a mass choreographed and videotaped script to besmirch Israel in the eyes of the world and to incite the Muslim population to violence. A country’s obligation is first to its safety and not to the propaganda efforts of those hoping and planning for its destruction.

“Tlaib and Omar are not human rights heroes, rather operatives intent on destroying a legitimate state and its people.”

Jewish Affairs Journal

Praise for Secretary Pompeo’s Remarkable Ongoing Fight Against Anti-Semitism

August 11, 2019 — Conference of Jewish Affairs spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero today praised Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for expanding the definition of anti-Semitism to include declarations by malicious propagandists, such as Ilhan Omar, who draw “comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of Nazis.”
Rabbi Spero stated: “Under the Nazis, the Jewish population of Germany and Poland was reduced and exterminated.   While under Israeli statehood and leadership the Arab/Muslim population within Israel and its territories has grown. Within Israel, the Arab/Muslim population has achieved ever-growing entrance to professions, colleges, and good jobs.  In contrast, under the Nazis Jews were forbidden to be in trades, professions or attend universities.  Jews were expelled from the lands of Europe while Arabs are free to remain within the territory of Israel.  The intent of the Nazis was to exterminate an entire race, Jews; Israel has never desired to do or done such things to its Arab population.  On the contrary, we often hear imams and others in the Arab/Muslim world speak of exterminating the Jewish race, as was the goal of Hitler’s Nazis.
“The use of this calumny, Nazism, is a deliberate attempt to delegitimize the existence of the Jewish state and is thus anti-Semitic,” Rabbi Spero continued. “The use of the Nazi label against Jews is done precisely because the attackers want to stain Jewishness with the very symbol unique to Jewish destruction. It is not simply a false description but a dastardly targeting when used specifically against Jews. 
“President Trump and Secretary Pompeo deserve special accolades for fighting anti-Semitism to a higher and more comprehensive degree than any other previous administration, and doing so consistently and constantly.  The Jewish People have unequaled friends in the Trump Administration.”

Jewish Affairs Journal

Anti-Semitism in the U.K.: Aberdeen councillors adopt international guidelines

Jewish Affairs Journal

Rabbi Spero participated in the 2019 National Day of Prayer ceremony at the White House. Here he is pictured discussing important matters regarding anti-Semitism with Vice President Mike Pence in the Rose Garden. Rabbi Spero also had a personal conversation with the rabbi of the Poway Synagogue, expressing heartfelt condolences to him and his congregation.

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Poway Synagogue shooter indicted on 113 federal charges

Suspect in Poway synagogue shooting indicted on 113 federal charges

9/11 New York Times

CJA Out Front Again: Reiterates 2008 Call for Boycott of the New York Times, Calls on Major Jewish Organizations to Join in that Call

Rabbi Spero and CJA have reiterated their call for a boycott of the New York Times.  This time, it’s about the vicious anti-Semitic cartoon the paper recently published. 

Flashback to July 2008, when Neil Cavuto interviewed Rabbi Spero on Foxnews with the headline “Timely Protest!”

Rabbi Spero at that time called for people “to cancel their subscription to The New York Times” and urged people to “boycott some of these advertisers.” Paraphrasing the paper’s famous slogan, Rabbi Spero said the paper publishes “all the treason that’s fit to print.”


That day, Rabbi Spero led a demonstration at the New York Times in protest of an article detailing the U.S. government tracking the banking information of suspected al Qaeda members.*


“Twice, the New York Times has published national security secrets and hurt America in the War on Terror, aiding, it appears, the enemy in a time of war,” said Rabbi Aryeh Spero, referring to the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program and the Times’ June 23 article on the bank program.


“They’re acting very un-American. What they’ve done is jeopardize the safety of American citizens, of our families, and they’ve made it much more difficult for our soldiers to win this war. There’s got to be a protest. People are outraged. [The newspaper] should actually be prosecuted [for espionage]. People should cancel subscriptions.”

Rabbi Spero called the paper’s actions a “smokescreen. “I and the protesters believe that the Times’ disloyalty to the country is obvious despite their disingenuous attempt to hide behind ‘freedom of the press’ and ‘the public’s right to know,'” Spero continued.
“They talk about freedom of the press, but that does not absolve one of responsibility. Newspapers cannot just publish anything. 
“I don’t know of too many people who want to know this. Osama bin Laden wants to know this. I know al Qaeda would love to know,” Spero added, “and now the New York Times has supplied them with classified information.”
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Heroine took bullet to save her rabbi’s life during synagogue shooting

Excerpted from the New York Post:

The woman killed in Saturday’s synagogue shooting was hailed as a hero after it emerged she was hit while saving her Brooklyn-born rabbi’s life.

Lori Gilbert-Kaye, 60, died during the Passover celebration at the Chabad of Poway Synagogue near San Diego when gunman John T. Earnest, 19, burst in and opened firewith “an AR-type weapon,” injuring three others, according to police and witnesses.

It emerged Sunday morning that Lori dived in front of Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, 57, who was hit in his hands and believes the worshiper saved his life, according to reports…

…Israel’s minister of diaspora affairs, Naftali Bennett, called Gilbert-Kaye a “hero who will be remembered in Jewish history.”

“She sacrificed her own life, throwing herself in the path of the murderer’s bullets to save the life of the Rabbi,” he said, according to the Jewish Press. “She has been described by those who knew her as an ‘Eshet Chayil,’ a ‘Woman of Valor,’ and I would add, a true Hero of Israel. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband and daughter, may they find great comfort in Lori’s tremendous example and courage.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also paid tribute.

“We send our condolences to Lori Gilbert-Kaye’s family and wish a speedy recovery to those left wounded,” Netanyahu said. “The international community must step up its fight against anti-Semitism.”

The attack happened six months to the day after 11 people were massacred at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, the deadliest attack on Jews in US history.


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