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By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

There are today powerful forces arrayed against the Jewish people—not simply from the right, but predominately and with greater cultural influence from the political left.

(January 23, 2020 / JNS) The Jewish community is experiencing an explosion of anti-Jewish attacks, both physical and ideological. Jews have been gunned-down or stabbed in Pittsburgh, San Diego, Jersey City and Monsey, and are being pushed, beaten and cursed on the streets of New York, in particular Brooklyn. The attacks are happening against the community and individuals, in Jewish institutions and on subways, almost on a daily basis.

We have entered a new time.

Jewish students on campuses all across America are singled out for bullying and harassment by Islamic student groups and anti-Israel professors, not only for being supporters of Israel but simply because they are Jewish. The influential New York Times and media outlets such as MSNBC have ramped up their historic anti-Israel rhetoric, as well as their distaste for Orthodox and Zionist Jews. Beyond doubt, the harsh condemnations of all things Israeli and Jewish, the demonization and pejorative labels have trickled down from the ivory towers to the neighborhoods on the ground.

Though neo-Nazis, leftist anti-Zionists and Jew-haters within the African-American and Islamic communities often disagree, they are united in their animus towards Jews. There are today powerful forces arrayed against the Jewish people—not simply from the right, but predominately and with greater cultural influence from the political left.

Thus far, those in the establishment have been unable or unwilling to stop the daily harassment of Jews on campus and on New York City streets. Aside from the trauma of what we are witnessing on the streets, many in the Jewish community now rightfully acknowledge that we have a crisis in Jewish organizational leadership. Our major organizations—be it the ADL, the JCRC or many Federations—are failing us.

Furthermore, the loyalty of these organizations with liberal/left ideology renders them unwilling to point to and combat the pernicious negativity against Jews coming from members within certain minority groups. Similarly, they are reluctant to condemn unequivocally the anti-Jewish rhetoric coming from groups within the Democrat Party, which is dangerously filtering down across the country and into the streets. That said, we maintain that at this juncture, antisemitism has not gripped the American heartland.

In light of this dereliction of duty, a “Jewish Leadership Summit” of experienced activists and grassroots leadership was convened to set forth a set of serious proposals to be discussed by local Jewish communities and individual Jews who want to protect America’s Jewish institutions and people. We can no longer wait. The history of these organizations, as well as the present make-up of their staff and bureaucrats, does not give us confidence. Moreover, it is a valued American tradition for grassroots movements and individuals to energize their sphere when establishment groups have grown tired and pre-occupied elsewhere.

The following recommendations from the summit are intended as a jumping-off point for Jews, as well as our non-Jewish friends, to begin a forceful and honest discussion as to what needs to be done by Jews for self-defense and protection. Consider it a “10-Point Call to Action.” We will be issuing a formal Declaration in several days.


Promote the ethic and mitzvah of self-protection.

Encourage Jews to be trained in legal self-defense measures, e.g., martial arts and responsible firearm use and non-lethal weapons such as mace.

Promote athletic and strength-building activities to instill a self-confident demeanor.


In addition to outside hired security guards, members of congregations should enroll in synagogue protection programs.


Densely populated Jewish neighborhoods should establish patrols or shomrim organizations to constantly do walk-throughs on the streets.

While we welcome the help of outside groups, it is incumbent that we bear a responsibility to protect our families. The image of a toughened neighborhood will discourage would-be perpetrators.

Rabbis and Jewish educators should encourage such avenues of self-protection.

Promote tax credits for community safety patrols and training.


Recruit pro bono lawyers willing to represent Jewish victims of attacks and harassment, as well as those Jews who fought back in self-defense and are now being sued by the perpetrators or prosecuted by government entities.


Work against dangerous ideas such as “bail reform” and “justice reform” measures that release violent, hate-based criminals back to the streets free to re-attack, and give victims’ and witnesses’ names and contact information to criminals.


Do not fund candidates who either are unwilling to explicitly condemn antisemitism in and of itself, or candidates who align themselves with radical causes that culminate in anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rhetoric.

Stop funding and donating to colleges that allow BDS movements on campus, student organizations steeped specifically in anti-Israel programming, or professors and departments pushing anti-Israel boycotts and maligning supporters of Israel.

Stop giving to those Jewish organizations that consistently find fault with and criticize Israel, and elevate and “dialogue” with anti-Israel spokespeople.

Do not fund groups or individuals that use incendiary language against Zionism and speak of “white privilege.” This incendiary language ends up fueling attacks against Jewish institutions and individuals, especially in urban neighborhoods.


So as to stop violence against Jews, it is crucial to identify those sources even if it comes from minority groups. There is an excess of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rhetoric coming out of mosques and madrassas as well as militant segments in the black community.

So as to be confronted they must first be exposed. Demands must be made of leaders in those communities to speak against anti-Jewish phraseology and to shun and ostracize those members engaged in it.


These attacks should not be whitewashed simply as a form of hate or intolerance or mental illness. It is specifically Jew-hatred. We cannot assume that those who speak against hate and intolerance are equally against antisemitism.


The failure of establishment major Jewish organizations to effectively condemn or diminish the antisemitism on American campuses, in mosques, in minority neighborhoods, and among a host of “progressive” officials is due to their choosing leftwing politics over the needs of the Jewish community. This is a sacrifice that most sane Jews should not be willing to offer.

The survival and safety of the Jewish People is the greatest of Jewish goals and values and must override the professed leftwing values that often collide with Jewish survival. Thus, it seems necessary for concerned Jewish citizens to not fully depend on the major Jewish organizations that very likely will malign and sabotage Jewish self-defense efforts that do not conform to the liberal/leftist goals prioritized by establishment organizations.

We call for a new grassroots movement as well as courageous individual Jews who will be needed to fight the battles that may reach our doorsteps.


Reach out to local, state, and federal law enforcement, first responders and government officials.

Make relationships with local media outlets to ensure that attacks on Jews are accurately and consistently reported.

Conversations with neighboring communities should not be done under an attitude of appeasement nor with the sociological guilt that too often dominates what poses as “dialogue.” They should be honest conversations, conducted with self-confidence and with an expectation, without excuse-making, for civil behavior. Excuses for antisemitism under a call for “understanding” should not be countenanced. Network with communal and civic organizations, community-based groups, and religious leaders, Jewish and non-Jewish.

Respect the customs and culture of the community wherein you live.

The power of education, especially for our young people, has great potential. A forthright curriculum needs to be drafted, for as of yet the curriculum and pamphlets being distributed have not accomplished the task.


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Time for African-American, Latino, and Muslim Communities to Root Out the Jew-Hatred That is Spurring Attacks on Jews in the New York Metropolitan Area

December 29, 2019 — Conference of Jewish Affairs spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero released the following statement today:


“Virtually every recent stabbing and attack on Jews in New York City and the metropolitan area has been perpetrated by a black, Hispanic or sympathizers with jihad. It is time for leaders of those communities to admit to anti-Semitism within their midst and STOP it. Time for truth telling. Perpetrators must be punished.

“New York’s extremely liberal politicians speak about anti-Semitism, but are not using anywhere near the force of law to bring these perpetrators to justice. In fact, we’re hearing that last week’s attackers against Jews, who were black or Hispanic, have already been released and are back on the streets.

“Much of the hatred against Jewish people is being fueled by jihadist talk, and yet, because of political correctness, authorities are not doing the pre-reconnaissance that common sense dictates.

“We have heard the evasive platitudes about ‘extremism’, ‘intolerance’, ‘hate’, but what we are witnessing in these attacks is raw anti-Semitism, specifically against Jews. Call it what it is! New York’s liberal politicians want us to believe that this is coming from a climate of ‘extremism’ and ‘white supremacists’, whereas in the metro area it is a Jew-hatred being fomented within the minority communities.

“The major Jewish organizations have failed the Jewish community by not calling out or pressuring the minority communities responsible for these attacks. They are wedded to liberalism’s clichés and goals and, even now, routinely choose their partnerships with minority communities over the safety of Jewish individuals.

“Unfortunately, the Democrat Party knows that the Jewish community will remain an enthusiastic constituency even though the Party is silent while anti-Semitism grows within its midst, as seen with Omar, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and other outspoken members of their caucuses. The Jewish Community is relinquishing its leverage in service to its undying infatuation with liberalism and the Democrat Party.

“Many of the policies of the mainstream liberal Jewish organizations are militating against solving this crisis:

  • they have been backers of open borders;
  • they have been against necessary vetting of those coming from Muslim countries;
  • they are against what they call ‘profiling’;
  • they are for ‘bail reform’ leading to immediate release of suspects; and
  • they are the first to call ‘racist’ anyone who asks the minority communities to begin fighting the anti-Semitism in their midst.

“Friends: the time for feel-good ‘dialogue’ is over. Jewish organizations must get past worrying more about the sensitivities of other minorities and their leaders over the lives and safety of the Jewish people.

“People ask: why is there not an outcry over the daily violence against Jews as there would be if the targets were black, Muslim, or LGTB? The answer is that the high-profile mainstream liberal Jewish organizations that often spearhead public outcries when minorities are attacked are far less angered when similar attacks happen against Jews if the perpetrators are from minority groups. If these attackers in the NYC metro area had been white or Christian, the establishment liberal Jewish organizations and political leaders definitely would be howling and using the opportunity to condemn America and its way of life.

“Conference of Jewish Affairs has reached out to other leaders and is calling for a Summit of Jewish Leaders to address these issues. More details to follow.”


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Watch Rabbi Spero Speech Rally in NYC

Anti-Semitism Detention Centers Detroit Holocaust Memorial Center Holocaust Holocaust Exploiters Nazis

Conference of Jewish Affairs: Time to Resist the Holocaust Expoliters at

WATCH VIDEO: Conference of Jewish Affairs and Detroit Holocaust Families at Detroit’s Holocaust Memorial Center



Conference of Jewish Affairs spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero made the following statement in response to hard leftwing groups, in conjunction with, holding a “Close the Concentration Camps” demonstration in front of the Detroit Holocaust Memorial Center. plans to hold such Holocaust-exploiting demonstrations across the country.


Rabbi Spero stated: “It is time for the Jewish community to condemn the obscenity of equating immigration detention centers at America’s southern border with concentration camps run by the Nazis during World War II, which tortured and murdered an entire race, the Jewish People. 


“By now, we know that it is no longer ignorance that prompts open-border militants who equate the two situations, rather a deliberate attempt to exploit the Holocaust for leftwing political purposes and, for others, to minimize, step-by-step, the horrendous uniqueness of the Holocaust specific to Jews.    It is no coincidence that many radicals invoking the Holocaust are themselves opponents of the Jewish State and are, themselves, unfriendly to Jewish concerns.  Their abuse of the Holocaust is an attempt to universalize it and strip it of its unique Jewish essence and tragedy.  It is a type of Holocaust denial.  For others it is a despicable attempt to label President Trump and his supporters as Nazis.


“America’s authorities and professionals protecting the borders of the United States try their utmost, and spend tens of millions of dollars, to make comfortable those in temporary detention centers.  In contrast, the Nazis used concentration camps to afflict brutal suffering on their unfortunate victims and spent money on ways to kill those within the camps.  The Nazis had as their goal the destruction and torturous extermination of an entire race, Jews.  They physically burned them.  We Americans, in contrast, are providing food, hygiene facilities, good doctors, sports areas, and other amenities to alleviate as much as possible the temporary discomfort of those awaiting immigration processing.  This distinction is obvious to everyone who is fair.  What we are witnessing in this so-called ‘resistance’ is a deliberate distortion of history for political gain.  It is contemptible.  They continually corrupt language in service to their own corrupt ideas and goals.


“Those who claim that this is the first step towards a plan by America to destroy the Hispanic race are liars,” continued Rabbi Spero.  “They are also bigots who, prior to our immigration crisis, maintained an a priori belief, and propagandized, that the majority of Americans are racists desiring to disenfranchise non-white people.  Normal people know that this assertion is a lie, and recognize this as a predisposed bigotry by those on the Left who look for situations to tag and label as ‘racist’.


“It is particularly unseemly for Jews, wishing to seem avant-garde and ‘current’, to continually use unique Jewish historic events or holidays primarily as a support and advocacy for their left-wing, ‘social justice’ war on society.  Furthermore, Hitler’s ultimate goal in the Holocaust was aimed primarily at Jews: not Jews as a minority, but Jews as Jews.  The Holocaust and the specific Nazi goal of destroying Jews as Jews should no longer be used as a wide net to cover any situation the Jewish Left opposes.   To do so is a distortion of Jewish history and an injustice to those who died and were murdered specifically, and only, because of being Jewish.”


Rabbi Spero added, “It is time to resist this phony ‘resistance.’  The need for protecting one’s citizens by securing the border is a practice used by all countries since the dawn of history.  It is not Nazi-like nor does it indicate a future desire to exterminate a race.  Governments who value their citizens have a noble duty to protect their citizens.


“If one is to speak about a current form of Nazism and an ideology of supremacism one need not look further than the imams and Muslim leaders calling for the destruction of the State of Israel, calling for the destruction of the largest Jewish community in the world, and calling for attacks on Jews who support the Jewish State, wherever they may be.  Those who advocate ‘resistance’ and those who speak in the name of Judaism should set their efforts on combatting those supremacists who have as their stated goal the destruction of Israel and most of the Jewish People.  That is the justifiable social justice call of the day.


“Therefore, we at the Conference of Jewish Affairs call upon all proud and sane Jews, who bear testimony to an accurate Jewish history, to join us in standing against the faux ‘resistance’ sponsored by, which insults Jewish history and hijacks our most tragic event as a way of promoting its anti-American and essentially anti-Jewish agenda.”


Do you agree?  If so, please forward this article or link to your friends and

post on social media!


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Police Hunt Belgium Jewish Museum Killer; France Also Tightens Security; 1,407 French Jews Leave for Israel First 3 Months 2014

(Reuters) – Belgian police on Sunday were hunting a gunman who shot dead two Israelis and a French woman at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, in an attack French President Francois Hollande said was without doubt motivated by anti-Semitism.

Security around all Jewish institutions in Belgium was raised to the highest level following Saturday’s shooting, while French authorities stepped up security after two Jews were attacked near a Paris synagogue.

Belgian officials released a 30-second video clip from the museum’s security cameras showing a man wearing a dark cap and a blue jacket enter the building, take a Kalashnikov rifle out of a bag, and shoot into a room, before walking out.

“From the images we have seen, we can deduce that the perpetrator probably acted alone and was well prepared,” said Ine Van Wymersch, a spokeswoman for the Brussels prosecutor’s office.

“It’s still too early to confirm whether it’s a terrorist or an anti-Semitic attack; all lines of investigation are still open,” she told a news conference.

Officials appealed for witnesses to the attack in the busy tourist district which is filled with restaurants and antique shops. The entrance to the Jewish Museum was lined with flowers and candles, and will remain closed to the public on Monday.

“The anti-Semitic nature of the act – a shooting, with intent to kill, in the Jewish Museum of Brussels – cannot be denied,” said Hollande, speaking about the Brussels attack.

“We must do everything to fight against anti-Semitism and racism,” he told news channel I-Tele on Sunday.

Hours after the Brussels shootings, two Jews were attacked and beaten in Paris as they left a synagogue in the suburb of Creteil wearing traditional Jewish clothing.


The two Israelis, Emmanuel and Miriam Riva, both in their 50s, were described by friends as former Israeli civil servants who were in Belgium on vacation.

A Belgian man who was also injured in the shooting remained in critical condition in hospital, authorities said.

Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo spoke by telephone with Hollande and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and held talks with the Jewish community in Belgium.

Netanyahu, in a statement from his office, strongly condemned the Brussels killings. They were, he said, “the result of endless incitement against the Jews and their state”. He offered Israeli cooperation in the Belgian investigation.

An Israeli official said Emmanuel Riva had formerly worked for Nativ, a government agency that played a covert role in fostering Jewish immigration from the former Soviet Union.

Along with the Mossad and Shin Bet intelligence services, the agency was under the authority of the prime minister’s office.

Miriam Riva also formerly worked for the prime minister’s office, the official said without elaborating.

Friends of the couple interviewed by Israeli media said they both worked as accountants in government service.

Pope Francis, in Tel Aviv on Sunday, condemned the attack in Brussels, where about half of Belgium’s 42,000-strong Jewish community lives.

“With a deeply saddened heart, I think of all of those who lost their lives in yesterday’s savage attack in Brussels,” he said.

“In renewing my deep sorrow for this criminal act of anti-Semitic hatred, I commend to our merciful God the victims and pray for the healing of those wounded.”

At some 550,000, France’s Jewish community is the largest in Europe, though violence such as the 2012 murders of three Jewish children and a rabbi by Islamist gunman Mohamed Merah have prompted higher emigration to Israel or elsewhere.

France’s Agence Juive, which tracks Jewish emigration, says 1,407 Jews left France for Israel in the first three months of this year, putting 2014 on track to mark the biggest exodus of French Jews to Israel since the country was founded in 1948.

(Additional reporting by Maayan Lubell and Dan Williams in Jerusalem, Leila Abboud in Paris, Justyna Pawlak and Philip Blenkinsop in Brussels; Writing by Justyna Pawlak; Editing by Lynne O’Donnell, Sophie Hares and Eric Walsh)