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CJA Out Front Again: Reiterates 2008 Call for Boycott of the New York Times, Calls on Major Jewish Organizations to Join in that Call

Rabbi Spero and CJA have reiterated their call for a boycott of the New York Times.  This time, it’s about the vicious anti-Semitic cartoon the paper recently published. 

Flashback to July 2008, when Neil Cavuto interviewed Rabbi Spero on Foxnews with the headline “Timely Protest!”

Rabbi Spero at that time called for people “to cancel their subscription to The New York Times” and urged people to “boycott some of these advertisers.” Paraphrasing the paper’s famous slogan, Rabbi Spero said the paper publishes “all the treason that’s fit to print.”


That day, Rabbi Spero led a demonstration at the New York Times in protest of an article detailing the U.S. government tracking the banking information of suspected al Qaeda members.*


“Twice, the New York Times has published national security secrets and hurt America in the War on Terror, aiding, it appears, the enemy in a time of war,” said Rabbi Aryeh Spero, referring to the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program and the Times’ June 23 article on the bank program.


“They’re acting very un-American. What they’ve done is jeopardize the safety of American citizens, of our families, and they’ve made it much more difficult for our soldiers to win this war. There’s got to be a protest. People are outraged. [The newspaper] should actually be prosecuted [for espionage]. People should cancel subscriptions.”

Rabbi Spero called the paper’s actions a “smokescreen. “I and the protesters believe that the Times’ disloyalty to the country is obvious despite their disingenuous attempt to hide behind ‘freedom of the press’ and ‘the public’s right to know,'” Spero continued.
“They talk about freedom of the press, but that does not absolve one of responsibility. Newspapers cannot just publish anything. 
“I don’t know of too many people who want to know this. Osama bin Laden wants to know this. I know al Qaeda would love to know,” Spero added, “and now the New York Times has supplied them with classified information.”