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CJA Statement: “Has Boston’s JCRC Lost its Connection to Judaism?”


Rabbi Aryeh Spero, president of Conference of Jewish Affairs, stated today:


“We at the Conference of Jewish Affairs cannot imagine anything more preposterous and twisted than a Jewish organization, in this case the JCRC of Boston, voting to expel a member group because it shows too much fidelity to Israel and points out dangerous anti-Semites who are a definite threat to the Jewish people.


“The JCRC of Boston, and perhaps other liberal Jewish organizations, who claim to speak in behalf of the American Jewish community, have within their midst organizations such as J Street that lobbied for the implementation of the Iran Deal and have invited Mahmoud Abbas to speak at their fundraising dinner. There cannot be more blatant examples of those wishing to destroy Israel than Iran and Abbas. J Street and other leftwing Jewish groups are not threatened with expulsion by these establishment Jewish organizations. Yet the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), a leading defender of Israel, finds itself possibly being expelled, indicating that these organizations have been highly influenced by leftwing doctrine, which today is 24/7 critical of Israel and has made Israel a political pariah.


“The Conference of Jewish Affairs,” stated Rabbi Spero, “as well as the ZOA, has been warning of the obvious anti-Semitism pervading the leaders and much of the constituency of Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter writes about and is proud of its hostility to Israel, the nuclear family, and its hope for a Marxist state. History has shown, be it Russia, Cuba, or Venezuela, communist states are anti-Israel and anti-Jewish, scapegoating and pointing fingers at Jewish financial success.


“For the JCRC, or any group purporting to represent American Jewry, to endorse organizations such as BLM is twisted. To expel those for telling this truth and for showing concern over Jewish security is a sure sign that the JCRC has lost its way and strayed far from its purpose.


Rabbi Spero added, “The Conference of Jewish Affairs is quite shaken by how staff within Jewish organizations have redefined social justice and tikkun o’lam as directives to identify with anti-Semitic groups, resulting in choosing those who would destroy the Jewish People over those who would protect the Jewish people.   Perhaps it is an avant garde form of metro-Jewishness, but it is certainly not Judaism. None of our grandfathers or grandmothers would recognize this as Judaism, nor as something noble and wholesome.”



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