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CJA Statement: Pelosi Exploits Holocaust For Democrat Talking Points



April 11, 2021 – Rabbi Aryeh Spero, president of Conference of Jewish Affairs, stated today:


“Nancy Pelosi’s Holocaust Memorial Day statement sounded more like a Democrat, anti-Trump talking point platform than a requiem for the six million Jews murdered by Hitler and his regime.


“Before one could blink an eye, Pelosi was talking about the U.S. Capitol event on January 6th, bigotry against Asian-Americans, damages at black churches, and confrontations in Charlottesville, citing them as forms of Holocaust-level threats or atrocities.   The fact is most of these incidents had nothing to do with Jew-hatred, and in some cases the perpetrators were not white extremists but members of minority or other interest groups. The grievances these groups promote are far removed from the singular horror that was the Jewish Holocaust.


Spero added, “There is no act of occasional bigotry here in America that in any way, shape, or form compares to the genocidal Final Solution systematically carried out by the Nazis against the Jewish people. Pelosi fallaciously and in hyperbolic and reckless campaign-style rhetoric speaks of the United States as now having “the same dark forces of hate” that obsessed Nazi Germany.


“Beginning with her refusal two years ago to condemn Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism, Pelosi never seems able to condemn anti-Semitism as a stand-alone sin.   For her and many in the “progressive” community, anti-Semitism is a worrisome trend only when the worry can extend to all group bigotry, real or imagined.


Rabbi Spero concluded: “It would be refreshing for a change if Holocaust statements would be limited to this once-in-history, unique,, and unmatched genocide against Jews worldwide as opposed to the fashionable manifestos we now hear using it to cover all the civil rights violations that may be true or are simply concocted.”




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