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Conference of Jewish Affairs Takes On Pelosi’s Dangerous, “Off the Wall” Statements

As Our Cities Across the Country are Burned and Police Attacked, Conference of Jewish Affairs Takes On Pelosi’s Dangerous, “Off the Wall” Statements

Conference of Jewish Affairs spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero has released the following statement:

“Nancy Pelosi’s deliberate use of the term ‘storm troopers’ to describe America’s homeland security officers quelling riots and protecting people in Portland is a vile accusation against our good officers and offensive to Jews across the world.

“Speaker Pelosi must know that the storm troopers were Hitler’s private regiment to round up innocent Jews and ship them off to concentration camps. In her unending despicable treatment of our President, she continues to propagandize against him through abhorrent language depicting anything done by the President as Hitlerian and actions by the administration as Nazi-like. This is a severe affront to our country and to those Jews who were the genuine victims of real storm troopers.

“Our homeland security officers in Portland and Chicago are responsible people sent in behalf of a very worthwhile and necessary mission, namely, protecting the lives of innocent people being threatened by ANTIFA and certain elements within Black Lives Matter, as well as protecting private property, homes and businesses, and federal buildings. They, unlike storm troopers, are not engaged in genocide.

“It would have been expected,” Rabbi Spero stated, “that all Jewish organizations would cry foul at Pelosi’s use of the term ‘storm troopers,’ given that so many of our ancestors in Europe were the victims of actual storm troopers and their evil designs. Many of our ancestors would have cheered President Trump who has been outstanding in his goodwill towards Israel and the Jewish people.

“Over the last few years Speaker Pelosi’s language has become dangerous, exploitative, and is designed to incite anger and perhaps violence within segments of our population. Her temperament has become too off-the-wall for someone so close to the presidency.“