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Conference of Jewish Affairs: Time to Resist the Holocaust Expoliters at

Detention center speech by rabbi spero

WATCH VIDEO: Conference of Jewish Affairs and Detroit Holocaust Families at Detroit’s Holocaust Memorial Center



Conference of Jewish Affairs spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero made the following statement in response to hard leftwing groups, in conjunction with, holding a “Close the Concentration Camps” demonstration in front of the Detroit Holocaust Memorial Center. plans to hold such Holocaust-exploiting demonstrations across the country.


Rabbi Spero stated: “It is time for the Jewish community to condemn the obscenity of equating immigration detention centers at America’s southern border with concentration camps run by the Nazis during World War II, which tortured and murdered an entire race, the Jewish People. 


“By now, we know that it is no longer ignorance that prompts open-border militants who equate the two situations, rather a deliberate attempt to exploit the Holocaust for leftwing political purposes and, for others, to minimize, step-by-step, the horrendous uniqueness of the Holocaust specific to Jews.    It is no coincidence that many radicals invoking the Holocaust are themselves opponents of the Jewish State and are, themselves, unfriendly to Jewish concerns.  Their abuse of the Holocaust is an attempt to universalize it and strip it of its unique Jewish essence and tragedy.  It is a type of Holocaust denial.  For others it is a despicable attempt to label President Trump and his supporters as Nazis.


“America’s authorities and professionals protecting the borders of the United States try their utmost, and spend tens of millions of dollars, to make comfortable those in temporary detention centers.  In contrast, the Nazis used concentration camps to afflict brutal suffering on their unfortunate victims and spent money on ways to kill those within the camps.  The Nazis had as their goal the destruction and torturous extermination of an entire race, Jews.  They physically burned them.  We Americans, in contrast, are providing food, hygiene facilities, good doctors, sports areas, and other amenities to alleviate as much as possible the temporary discomfort of those awaiting immigration processing.  This distinction is obvious to everyone who is fair.  What we are witnessing in this so-called ‘resistance’ is a deliberate distortion of history for political gain.  It is contemptible.  They continually corrupt language in service to their own corrupt ideas and goals.


“Those who claim that this is the first step towards a plan by America to destroy the Hispanic race are liars,” continued Rabbi Spero.  “They are also bigots who, prior to our immigration crisis, maintained an a priori belief, and propagandized, that the majority of Americans are racists desiring to disenfranchise non-white people.  Normal people know that this assertion is a lie, and recognize this as a predisposed bigotry by those on the Left who look for situations to tag and label as ‘racist’.


“It is particularly unseemly for Jews, wishing to seem avant-garde and ‘current’, to continually use unique Jewish historic events or holidays primarily as a support and advocacy for their left-wing, ‘social justice’ war on society.  Furthermore, Hitler’s ultimate goal in the Holocaust was aimed primarily at Jews: not Jews as a minority, but Jews as Jews.  The Holocaust and the specific Nazi goal of destroying Jews as Jews should no longer be used as a wide net to cover any situation the Jewish Left opposes.   To do so is a distortion of Jewish history and an injustice to those who died and were murdered specifically, and only, because of being Jewish.”


Rabbi Spero added, “It is time to resist this phony ‘resistance.’  The need for protecting one’s citizens by securing the border is a practice used by all countries since the dawn of history.  It is not Nazi-like nor does it indicate a future desire to exterminate a race.  Governments who value their citizens have a noble duty to protect their citizens.


“If one is to speak about a current form of Nazism and an ideology of supremacism one need not look further than the imams and Muslim leaders calling for the destruction of the State of Israel, calling for the destruction of the largest Jewish community in the world, and calling for attacks on Jews who support the Jewish State, wherever they may be.  Those who advocate ‘resistance’ and those who speak in the name of Judaism should set their efforts on combatting those supremacists who have as their stated goal the destruction of Israel and most of the Jewish People.  That is the justifiable social justice call of the day.


“Therefore, we at the Conference of Jewish Affairs call upon all proud and sane Jews, who bear testimony to an accurate Jewish history, to join us in standing against the faux ‘resistance’ sponsored by, which insults Jewish history and hijacks our most tragic event as a way of promoting its anti-American and essentially anti-Jewish agenda.”


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