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Now More than Ever: Defend, Do Not Defund or Disband the Police — Please Sign this Important Petition

We urge you to sign this petition calling for an outpouring of support for our men & women in blue!  We must take action to keep our cities, homes, places of worship, and citizens safe!

To: President Donald J. Trump, Governors and Mayors, Congress, State Legislators, and City Councils

We, the undersigned, are grateful for the bravery and sacrifice of our men and women in blue.

We call for a nationwide outpouring of people of conscience to show support for our country’s police and first responders.

We condemn ANTIFA’s, Black Lives Matter’s and others’ violence against police and innocent people, places of worship, businesses, and property.

We are appalled, deeply saddened, and angered by the wanton destruction that rioters across the country have wrought in recent weeks.

We are witnessing in recent months a frightening reign of terror.

We appreciate our police and first responders, and strenuously reject the irresponsible, dangerous calls to defund and disband our nation’s police departments.

We appreciate the police, we respect the badge they wear, and we need fully funded police departments to help protect the lives of people of all races and backgrounds across America. Many celebrities, companies, political spokesmen, and organizations evidently feel smearing and physically attacking police officers, and calling for police departments to be defunded and disbanded, will bring justice. We believe they are wrong, that disbanding our police will bring further violence and chaos to our nation.

We believe that justice must be justice for all and is not limited to one area or group only. It is a false claim that support for justice for George Floyd requires that injustices being perpetrated now by the rioters are to be overlooked. We fear that such selectivity implies an actual indifference to the suffering of those who do not fall within the politicized and intersectional claimants in today’s ‘victimhood’ arena.

We note the aggression of ANTIFA and other marxists, the leadership role of ‘civil riots leader’ Al Sharpton, the presence of the Nation of Islam, and the continuing violence against Americans of all races – organized and funded by hard leftist individuals and groups — and we feel that this warrants our strong concern.

We profoundly disagree with the assertion being promoted by many in the media, political leaders, and corporations that America is a country filled with systemic and institutional racism. While any police brutality must be rooted out, and, yes, there is racism in America and other parts of the world by individuals, those who are honest and live among the American people know that in today’s America racism is not systemic or institutional.

We, like virtually every American, were revolted by the horror of what was done to George Floyd. We are heartened that the perpetrators are being brought to justice.

We also firmly believe that the overwhelming majority of our police are men and women of courage, sacrifice, and honor, and we support them, as we similarly support America, our history, past courageous heroes, and the good-willed people of America. Leaders and organizations that make such a broad, indiscriminate charge against the police, fellow Americans, and America itself, as being systemically and institutionally racist are expressing a nefarious form of bigotry against the American people and America. Equally alarming, they are fanning the flames of division at a time when we need unity and are inciting further discontent and rioting by the bitterness of their rhetoric.

We call for a nationwide outpouring of support for our over 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers who do their job with courage and honor each day.

We call on the American people to contact their local police and communicate their support, and to let their national and local representatives know that they are against defunding the police and against holding them up as a symbol of systemic racism.

We call on Americans of all backgrounds and ages to write letters to their local newspaper, post online, call in to radio shows, and share with their neighbors their support of their local police. The police are there for us when we need them, and we need to be there for them when the need us.

We call on all Americans of goodwill: Do not be silent.

Please note the following information and statistics:


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