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JOHN KERRY: DON’T SWIFT BOAT THE JEWISH STATE AND THE USA! RESIGN! Conference of Jewish Affairs Petition Being Sent to the White House

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John Kerry: Don’t Swift Boat the Jewish State and the USA! Resign!


We, the Undersigned:


Call on President Biden to immediately ask for the resignation of John Kerry. Kerry is Biden’s “special envoy for climate” and is a member of Biden’s National Security Council.


Kerry reportedly has shared top-classified intelligence with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, related to Israeli military operations.


In a leaked 3-hour audio tape, Zarif reportedly stated that Kerry had told him Israel “attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times.”


Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism, is an enemy of both Israel and the United States. Israel, America’s best friend and ally in the Middle East, is right in the line of fire of Israel-hating, totalitarian Iran. “Death to America” chants are still heard routinely throughout Iran in government gatherings as well as at political events and rallies.


We believe an official of the United States of America should not be sharing Israel’s military operations with Iran, an enemy of both the Jewish State and the USA.


We agree entirely with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Kerry should be required to explain his relationship and dealings with Zarif. Pompeo stated: “We believe [Kerry] was absolutely telling the Iranians ‘hang on; this pressure campaign, the power that is being exerted by America against you, it’ll be over, [Biden] will win this election, it’ll be four years you can hang in there, don’t for a minute negotiate with the Trump team.’ ”


We note that Senator Dan Sullivan, of Alaska has accused Kerry of “treason” in an interview with Politico.


New York Congressman Lee Zeldin stated that the allegations are “massively alarming” and put the lives of Israeli citizens in jeopardy.


Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, has called for an investigation into leaked audio of John Kerry allegedly sharing Israeli military secrets with an Iranian official


We further note that Congressman Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin says he thought it was “unfathomable” Kerry “would leak intelligence to the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism at the expense of one of our staunchest allies.”


Conference of Jewish Affairs president Rabbi Aryeh Spero reminds us that “John Kerry has a history of betraying the American people, starting with his days when he returned from Vietnam.”

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