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The Conference of Jewish Affairs (CJA) pro-actively represents the views of countless Jewish individuals and patriots across the country who admire America and believe in the core American principles that founded this country, especially those rooted in our Judeo-Christian ethos.

As Jews and as admirers of the Bible we believe in free markets and capitalism; judging people as individuals as opposed to indistinguishable members of groups; personal self-defense; reverence for the Constitution; property rights; national sovereignty and patriotism; a strong and capable military; and opportunity for all to succeed.

We promote these values in the name of authentic and historic Judaism.

We have a deep pride in Israel and her extraordinary achievements, and advocate for a secure and strong Israel, one that maintains itself as a Jewish state as was its design from its historic beginnings centuries ago.

Conference of Jewish Affairs promotes the qualities and attributes of dignity that come from work. We teach the need for good citizenship, which culminates in serving our country, family, and respecting our institutions and American identity. We believe that true liberty facilitates growth within the individual.

We speak out against the alarming and growing anti-Semitism coming from all origins, including leftwing and jihadist sources, against the Jewish community, Israel, and students on campus. We promote classic American values that are the best antidote against anti-Semitism and bigotry.

Who We Are

PRESIDENT: Rabbi Aryeh Spero


Irene Alter

Dr. Herbert I. London, zt”l

Beth Gilinsky

Barbara Ledeen

Leonard Zinberg

Helene Fragman Abramson

Professor Howard L. Adelson, zt”l

Rabbi David Algaze

Mike Alter

Zhanna Averbukh, Russian Community Liaison

Rabbi Steven Axelman

Dr. Euval Barrekette

Olga Barrekette

Dr. Marvin Belsky

Tammi Ross-Benjamin

Alan Bergstein

Charles Bernhaut

Michael Chenkin

Hy Drusin

Barbara Fix: South Africa Liaison

Dr. Judith Fradkin

Helen Freedman

Ferne Hassan

Rabbi Jonathan Hausman

Beverly Goldstein

Dr. Charles Jacobs

Stuart Kaufman, Esq., Southeast Liaison

Susan Kaufman, Esq.

Ted Kavanaugh

Irving Katz, Florida Chapter Liaison

Ruth S. King

Zelig Krymko, New York City Liaison

Esther Levens

Bernard Lowenhar

Buddy Macy

Lori Lowenthal Marcus, Esq.

Debby Mayer, Esq.

William Narvey: Canada Liaison

Natan Nestel

Susan Rosenbluth

Ann Schockett

Adrienne Skolnik: Chairman, North Carolina Chapter

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein: Young Leadership Chairman

Alex Traiman

Joann Wyman

Professor Howard L. Adelson, zt”l

Joan Peters Caro, zt”l

Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Barry Farber, zt”l

Dr. Mordecai Hacohen, zt”l

Dr. Mordechai Kedar

Professor Menacham Lewin, zt”l

Dr. Herbert I. London, zt”;

Hon. Edward M. Siegel –
Special Advisor on Israel and International Legal Issues

Dr. S. Alexander Weinstock, zt”l

Sidney Zion, zt”l


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