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Rabbi Spero’s Prayer to The Nation

Rabbi Spero’s Prayer to The Nation
Steve Bannon’s War Room
August 20, 2021

Lord we come before you today with a heavy heart
As we watch fellow Americans trapped in a country overrun by the jihadist Taliban.

Our current government announces not to rely on them for rescue.
From way back, however, we Americans, since President Thomas Jefferson, had as our birthright a commitment to rescue endangered Americans.
This resolve seems now to be gone.

Our Secretary of State sends forth a communication that the trapped are on their own.
We stare in amazement.
“Yea, my heart drops in despair, and my tongue is made mute as I behold leaders an my nation so fallen.”

How is it, we ask, that those governing America, this arrogant ruling clique, seems so indifferent to Americans; indifferent to Americans yet at the same moment so concerned about everyone else, extra sensitive even to those screaming “Death to America!”

We wonder if our so-called “woke” culture that continually demonizes America, has made us no longer value Americans. But verily, American lives matter.

Yes, we wonder if our “woke” culture ever so eager to defame the Judeo-Christian culture — so essential to America’s founding — no longer has the regard or will to defend an America founded on that Judeo-Christian outlook.

No longer believing in ourselves, we have been humiliated by those who, while rag-tag, at least have pride in themselves, their history, and their national peoplehood.

A nation with skewed, upside-down, and frivolous priorities eventually loses its sense of importance, its identity and the will to defend its own.

Because it is ashamed of its past, it does not protect its future.

What does a nation, a people, do when an imposed, incompetent ruling clique no longer believes in the ideas that made this nation a people, when it exalts every culture over its own, and even calls its own patriotic citizens “terrorists,” while at the same time funds real terrorists like Hamas and PLO and sits and makes concessions with the terrorist state of Iran.

We turn to you, Almighty, “Yea in the shadows of thy wing, will I take refuge until the calamities be overpassed.” We ask that our nation turn its heart back to You and to the teaching of the biblical God.

We know there must be an answer, a solution, as to how we defeat this ideology of anti-Americanism, hedonism, and hate of the wholesome now pervading our spaces; a glorification of Marxism, a neo-paganism, a vengeful and hate-filled envy, and a defamation of people born white – spreading across the land. Fueled by a brazen and stone-hearted elitist corps.

Where is our answer?

We do know that just as You have embedded in earth all the minerals, seeds, fuels, and metals necessary to sustain us, so, too, have you implanted the remedy to our dilemma, a way forward – a golden nugget waiting to be exposed.

So help us, O Lord, to find it. To discover the answer and, then, with courage, put it into action and fan it across the Land.

“For no good thing or answer will He withhold from them that work uprightly.”

And let us say, Amen.

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